Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival (DCIFF)



Globalization is turning us into modern nomads. Millions of people move around the world, searching for a better life – temporarily or permanently. They are driven by love, ambition, a sense of adventure, or poverty, political persecution. Even people who stay put are confronted by different cultures, as these newcomers become their neighbors. These tectonic shifts in society create a search for a new identity as people are confronted with different cultures on an unprecedented scale.


DCIFF is the world’s first film festival dedicated to recent worldwide phenomenon: people in search of their identity. Its goal is to jumpstart a dialogue between cultures through the universal language of cinema.  The festival itself is based on this international spirit. After its first edition in New York city (October 20-23, 2011), it will move to a different continent every year, with France and the UAE planed as its next locations.


Filmmakers from all over the world are attracted to the cultural capitals of Europe, Asia, America and Middle East. Big cities are often becoming themselves protagonists of the today’s world stories. A festival celebrating tolerance and a dialogue of cultures will travel from city to city just like the characters in the selected films. The capitals of the world with its unique cultures will serve as a perfect backdrop to our festival idea of uniting cultures and nations.


Our films explore how their protagonists cope with different traditions, cultures, ways of thinking and behaving, how modern people survive once they are placed in the new environment. In the world where the borders between countries are fast disappearing, how far should we go to preserve our unique cultural tradition and religious views?


The nomadic nature of this non-commercial, audience festival provides audiences with a unique opportunity to see local premieres they would not otherwise get to see. DCIFF’s first edition in NYC showcase around 16 features and documentaries, each one from a different part of the world: Brazil, Mexico, India, Germany, France and South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, UAE, Israel, USA and the UK, Iran Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Turkey and CIS countries . Part of them are NYC premieres. Our main venues are School of Visual Arts and Quad Cinema.