“Many of the conflicts in our lives and in the world are caused by misunderstandings. Sometimes we jump to conclusions about why others do things. Sometimes we don't understand the cultural differences of others. Poor communication makes the conflict worse. REAL DIALOGUE can often lead to understanding, helping communities to get along much better.”


Mission: A thematic non-commercial international “Dialogue of Cultures” film festival will travel from country to country on an annually to open new realities, new images of rapidly growing cities and to send a message of tolerance, openness and unity through the invitation to the different world sites with a program of films devoted to the dialogue of cultures.


Objective of the Festival: to promote and maintain tolerance using the cinematographic language, speaking out against racism and ethnicism, and xenophobia. The Festival calls people for cosmopolitanism, openness to the world, other countries, cultures, and religions. The Festival, setting itself as an international arena and one of the international communication means, is to reflect the present-day conditions, modern life in the age of globalization, and desire to preserve own distinctiveness self-identity, as well as to understand and respect others.

It is to be a bright film event to unite people from any parts of the world. It is a chance to discover new talents and to get acquainted with famous maestros, to communicate and to establish partnership contacts. It is an opportunity to create co-products. It is a dialogue in the language of arts being easily apprehensible.


Film Program

15 full-length feature and documentary films.
Years of film releases: 2009 – 2012
Countries: films from all over the world.
Selection criteria: films about collisions of cultures, international conflicts in the modern world caused by a fierce search for the individual self in the changing world, about interaction of cultures, mutual respect and openness. Films describing stories of persons finding themselves unwittingly in a foreign country, who have to survive in a new environment by adapting to it but nevertheless preserving their own culture, language, religion, and attitude of the hosting countries’ locals towards the so-called dungheads, and uniting when it is necessary to fight for freedom, justness and peace, discovery and comprehension of the new culture and traditions. One of the key requirements is that a film must be of the first performance in the country of the Festival.