General Regulations to the «Dialogue of Cultures» IFF


Dialogue of Cultures International Film Festival (in abbreviated form – DCIFF) is a non-commercial festival with a mission of uniting nations, cultures and religions. The festival takes place yearly each time in a different city around the globe

In 2012, the program will consist of around 15 feature and documentary films from different countries from all over the world, most of them will be Belgium premieres.

There will be an introduction by the director/producer/actor before the film and a Questions&Answers session after the film.

In addition to daily film screenings, DCIFF will provide its audience with panel discussions, round-table talks, press-conferences and other events.

All the press-conferences, round-tabl talks and panels can be accessed free of charge. Parties are by invitation only.




Eligible are feature and documentary films reflecting the idea of tolerance, multiculturalism and dialogue of cultures which are

       * 70 minutes running time or longer,

       * produced in 2009-2012

       * available for screening in following formats: 35 mm, HDCAM, Digital

 Betacam, Betacam SP.

Films are to be submitted in DVD format for the selection process. Films in English do not require translation. Films in other languages must be subtitled in English.

All DVDs submitted for selection will not be returned to their owners.


Submit a film


 Film submissions are now open.




Program is at the sole discretion of the Selection Committee and the Program director, it is confirmed by the President of the festival and the decision taken is final and irrevocable.


Participants’ obligations 


No film selected may be withdrawn from the festival program after its publication. During the festival no film selected may be screened outside the festival venues before its official presentation at the festival. 

Participation in the festival requires the unconditional adherence to its Regulations as set out here. Producers, distributors or other organizations submitting a film must ensure that they are legitimately entitled to enter a film in the festival.

The festival director reserves the right to settle any case not covered by these regulations.


Liability of the festival


The festival pays expenses for film copies shipment, translation or/and subtitling (if needed).

The festival is responsible for the cost of storage and insurance of films while they are on the premises of the festival in Brussels. 




Audience Award


The audience votes for their favorite film among the films screened during the festival. Each person will be given a ballot before entering the theatre and will be collected at the end of the film by volunteers. The Audience award for the Best film will be given to the winner at the closing ceremony of the festival.


Press and Industry Award


The prize given by the Jury of Independent Press and Industry Professionals for the Best Director whose film reflects the dialogue of cultures, the idea of tolerance and multiculturalism  in a more penetrating and thought provoking way.


President Award


The prize given to the outstanding person for his/her contribution into the development of the Dialogue of Cultures in the world.